Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Issue 46 - Designed by Lovisa Burfitt

If there ever was a perfect t-post designer, it would be Lovisa Burfitt. For over a decade, she’s been doing the kind of ”limited edition illustrated t-shirts” so common in fashion today. Lovisa started her career in Stockholm over ten years ago, but in 2002 she relocated to Paris where she’s now running her own fashion label as well as working as an illustrator for a number of prestigious clients. Her illustration style in general and graphic t-shirts in particular have inspired a whole generation of up-and-coming illustrators and designers (as well as a few copycats along the way…).

Image from and copy from T-post neckprint by A.W.


  1. britta20:21

    oh - den vill jag ju ha!

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